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2” Delight Blinds
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2” Delight Blind provides the look of richly stained hardwood with the durability of our best faux wood.  It has the resiliency to conform to various physical configurations within limits, and which has a pleasing decorative appearance of real wood.
Since it's premium faux wood blind with "printed stained hardwood patterns," 2" Delight Blinds is a perfect choice for "luxurious window decoration in humid areas" such as kitchen or bathroom.

Whatever your styling choice with 5 available wood finishes and 15 cloth tapes combinations there is sure to be that “just right” delight blind for you. The selection gives you unsurpassed options in what your room says about you. It’s both fun and easy to match the Discount Delight Blind to your decor. Bring excitement and color to any room. Simply make your color and taping choices and send for our free samples.

Size (inches) Width (inches) Height (inches) Blind Color

Color Avaliable*

*Different monitors show different colors. Please request and recieve free sample swatches before you order.

free sample
253 Pecan
free sample
254 Oak
free sample
256 Chestnut
free sample
257 Mahogany
Cloth Tape
Aliceblue 515
Beige 513
Black 524
Canary 518
Chocolate 523
Dark Green 520
Duck White 511
Fawn 512
Gray 514
Mulberry 519
Pastel Green 517
Pink 516
Red 521
Royal Blue 522
White 510
Standard Features
  • 2" Flat printed Foam Slat
  • 3 ¼” Majestic Valance Only
  • 2” * 2 ¼” Head Rail
  • Trapezoid PVC Bottom Rail
  • Color Coordinated Cord & Ladder*
  • Tilter left and Lift cord right
  • Cord Tilt
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    * When choosing Cotton Tape, please note that the Pull Cord and Cord Tilt color will match the color of Cotton Tape.
  • Minimum Width 6 ½”…………………....Minimum Length 10”
  • Maximum Width as One blind 96”……….……Maximum Length 120”
  • Blinds under 13” will have center tilt only
  • Blinds 13” – 17” will have split controls L-R or R-L
  • Minimum return size is 5/8”
  • Control Position option : L-R, R-L , L-L, R-R
  • Remote Control
    - Minimum Width = 20" Maximum Width = 48"
    - Minimum Height = 12" Maximum Height = 60"
  • WireFree Tilt Control
  • Cloth Tape *
  • Routeless
  • 3 on 1 Headrail
  • 2 on 1 Headrail
  • Wand Tilt
  • Stop Ball
  • Valance Return for Inside mount size 1 1/2" (Not recommended for windows trim)
  • Valance Return for Outsitde mount size 3 1/2"

    * When choosing Cloth Tape, please note that the Pull Cord and Cord Tilt color will match the color of Cloth Tape.
Factory Allowance: ( + or - 1/8”)
  • For Inside Mount:deduction ½” on width, 1/8” on Valance (*Customer make no deduction)
  • For Outside Mount:No deduction on width, Add 2” to Valance (*Customer make no deduction)

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