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How To Measure Inside Mount Blinds

To properly mount blinds inside the window casing, your window must be at least deep enough to accommodate the mounting brackets. Please see chart below for minimum mounting depth and minimum flush mounting depth.

REQUIRED for Inside Mount
DEPTH REQUIRED for Inside Mount
2" Elegant Wood Blinds 1 1/4" 3"
2" Express Wood Blinds 1 1/4" 3"
2" Premium Faux Wood Blinds 1 1/4" 3"
2" Express Faux Wood 1 1/4" 3"
2" Delight Blinds 1 1/4" 3"
2 1/2" Faux Wood Blinds 1 1/4" 3"
2 1/2" Express Faux Wood Blinds 1 1/4" 3"
3" Envirowood Bold Blinds 2 1/4" 4 3/4"
All Cellular Shades (Standard Rectangular) 3/4" 2"
Roller Shade/ Standard Roller
(Length upto 84")
2 1/2" 2 1/2"
Roller Shade/ Standard Roller
(Length 84" upto 90")
2 1/2" 2 1/2"
Roller Shade/ Standard Roller
(Length 90" upto 120")
3" 3"
Roller Shade/ Cassette Head Rail
3/4" 3 1/4"

          With a steel tape, measure across the exact width of your window opening at three different places (top, middle, and bottom). Measurements should be taken within the window jamb.Write down the smallest of the three measurements. This is the width you will order.

Do not make any deductions! Our factory will take necessary deductions on inside mounted blinds or shades to allow room for the mounting hardwares and/or to provide space for proper operation. Therefore, the width of the finished blinds or shades will always be a bit narrower than the width you specify on your order.

For window blinds, if the top of your window opening is not the smallest measurement, you will need to specify your valance size. For an inside mount, make sure that the window opening have enough unobstructed depth to allow mounting.

         Measure the exact height of the window opening from the underside of the soffit to the surface of the window sill in three different places (left, center, and right). Write down the largest of these three measurements. This is the height you will order. The factory will make no additions or deductions to the height measurement.
How to order Valance vs Valance with Returns

Standard Valance

Ordered when a window has enough flat Depth to install blind flush inside a window casting.

Valance with Returns

Ordered when a window has inadequate Depth to install blinds flush inside.

If a window has molding around and does not have enough depth for the blinds to be flush mounted, OUTSIDE Mount is strongly recommeded.

2 Royal Wood Blinds
2 Expression Blinds
2" Classic Faux Wood Blinds
2 Budget Faux Wood Blinds
2 ½ Budget Faux wood Blinds
2 Signature Wood Blinds

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