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How to Measure Special Horizontal Blinds
French doors :
French Door Blinds are considered outside mount. You will need to measure the length of the area to be covered and make sure that there are 2" to 3-1/2"room for the mounting brackets at the top and approximate 2" below the bottom of the glass to ensure proper coverage. To unblock your view, you might also consider to have your blind entirely stack off the window when its fully raised. (See chart)

***** Chart

For the width, add at least 1 or 2 on either side on either side. Don't add too much to the width of the measurement, otherwise the blinds could interfere door handles or any locks. The tilt and lift controls should be on the side next to the door hinges away from the handle. This helps prevent the controls from getting shut in the door when opening and closing.

Window cranks :
          To measure, windows cranks is another thing you have to consider. To avoid this obstruction, most often, people take the cranks off and find a crank replacement with a small wing-nut type crank from your nearby hardware store.

Corner windows :
          When two windows which meet in a corner. There can be a privacy and/or installation problem. In order to mitigate the problem, the best option is to making one product bypass the other, then specify the other product to butt into the first. (See picture below.)
Two or Three on One Headrail with a Single Valance

          Multiple blinds on 1 headrial may be the better option for covering large window by a heavier blind. This option allows you to raise and lower each blind separately. To specify the width to be ordered, first, measure the overall width.Write it down. (Use the smallest width for inside mount blinds. Use the exact entire width to be covered for outside mount blinds.) Next, determine the width for each blind, left panel width, center panel width (if required), right panel width, and height. Write it down.Please make sure that all panel widths combined must equal the overall width.
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